Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Look Behind the Scenes

It's not easy maintaining a media empire, especially since you only get the weekends to do so. But on occasion you hit pay dirt. Like I did this past week. Check out the stats from my smashwords account:

How cool is that? I just wish they gave more info. Like who actually bought my book. I guess they can always contact me via email if they want to. Again thanks for the support! Also see what people are searching for, here's the latest from google analytics:

First of all I am not running a cooking school folks. This must have to do with some of my posts that detailed my cooking adventures. I only do that out of necessity because no one is here to cook for me, mainly MW. My other option is starvation. I did feature some paintings but they're not by world renowned artist Sadequain. And with the recent hooplah over IBM's new super computer, Watson, which was featured on the game show, Jeopardy as contestant I've been getting hits because of that. Although I am sure this post is setting off the web crawlers.

So that's the look from behind the scenes, until next time.

UPDATE: Hey! Hey! Hey! Look whose looking!

Nice to see I am being read outside of the US. Brazil has held the mantle of second place for the longest time but now Malaysia is narrowing the gap, Indonesia being the next ranking Muslim country. Which is pretty kewl. Of course maybe 2/3rds of the US hits is just me updated the site but hey whose counting. So keep it up you guys! France needs a leg up!
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