Sunday, February 27, 2011



Dear Friends,

On behalf of a broad coalition of interfaith, nonprofit, governmental, and nongovernmental groups, we are writing to request your presence at a rally to be held Sunday, March 6th from 2PM, at 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, Times Square, New York City.

The March 6 rally is centered around the slogan “Today, I Am A Muslim Too”. Muslim and non-Muslim alike will stand together in solidarity, speaking out as a collective American voice. Concerned Americans will take a unified stance against a rising Islamophobia caused by anxiety, misinformation, and ignorance. Despite best efforts to engage and integrate into American society, certain leaders nonetheless, continue to see Muslims outside of the American family portrait. Rep. Peter King (R-L.I.) for example, will hold congressional hearings addressing “The Radicalization of Muslim communities in America”, with testimony solely focusing on the communities of Muslim community. Though the United States Constitution declares that all Americans should be treated equally and granted the freedom to practice their religion without prejudice, Congressman King’s forthcoming hearings challenge this notion by pronouncing that Muslims are not currently, nor are they capable of, being as equally American as members of other faiths or cultures. To date, hundreds of civil liberties groups and public figures have signed letters and spoken out opposing the hearings, including Faith in Public Life, the Jewish Theological Seminary, The Open Society, the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, and the Center for Constitutional Rights. We uniformly declare an alternate position to this rhetoric, one that reaches across religious lines for all who seek to live in peace and brotherhood.

Russell Simmons, Rabbi Marc Schneier, Imam Shamsi Ali, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Rev. Bob Chase, Rev. Chloe Bryer, Rev. Katherine Henderson, Rabbi Burt Vitzosky, and UN Goodwill Ambassador Salman Ahmed of Junoon Music Band and other religious and community leaders are scheduled to speak. We hope to welcome you in joining us and making your voice heard, towards the increased harmony of our nation, and the embracing of our common humanity.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let us know if you able to join us and if we can use your organization’s name as supporters. We are glad to have relied upon your support and open minds in the past, and look forward to continuing our partnership in this upcoming show of support. Kindly reach out to your own network of organizations in support of this cause.

Daisy Khan
Executive Director
American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA)
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 248
New York, NY 10115

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Readers, I encourage you to go out and show your support. The current political climate becomes uglier day by day. This is nothing more than a modern-day witch hunt or a resurgence of McCarthy era Gestapo BS. The fact of the matter is that politicians stand to gain a lot (power, money) by pushing this toxic agenda. But it only chips away at the fabric of America. They can find fault with any group of people and soon we will find ourselves living in a police state. God knows if we have already reached that point.

Folks, they have lined up an all-star cast. Imam Rauf needs no introduction (by the way his wife wrote the above letter). Salman Ahmad was featured on this blog in a previous post. Plus all other fine clergies who are rallying for the cause of equality and tolerance. Much love and peace to all!

UPDATE: This is the reason why we have to parade ourselves on the streets to prove that we are decent human beings who just what to get through our day just like anyone else. It certainly isn't fair and we shouldn't have to do this, but in the face of such bigotry how else can we get through to them?

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