Sunday, February 13, 2011

Must Watch!

A friend sent me a link to the following documentary. It's a must watch video that explores the dangers of American Imperialism. Opponents will vehemently deny that there is such a thing even exists. But the truth of the matter is that ever since the conclusion of the second world war. The American Empire emerged and took center stage. Its first mission was to take care of its own "backyard" otherwise known as Latin America. You will learn just how they perfected their blueprint of overthrowing governments that served their people's interest to be replaced by stooges who would serve the national interest of the empire.

The commentator goes on to draw parallels between what happened back then to what is happening today. The so called war on terror is really a war on democracy. The mass media does a good job of keeping people insulated. Emphasizing the evil deeds of others while hiding or even denying atrocities committed by the super powerful. Has anyone even heard of Raymond Allen Davis?

Anyone who watches this should come away with a feeling of profound awareness. After this no one can believe that the US government wants true democracy for its people let alone for the people of other nations. If they do believe this they either stand to make a profit off of others misery or they are incredibly naive and actively refuse to learn the truth.

My only concern is why is the mass media getting cosy with the protesters in Cairo? I thought any time a Muslim fought for his freedom he was branded a terrorist? And why are they vilifying their main man Hosni Mubarak? Maybe he outlived his usefulness and another puppet is waiting in the shadows. Let's wait and see.

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