Monday, March 24, 2014

The Muslim Protaginist

I am a firm believer of speaking your goals into existence. Earlier I had spoken about Sadi Stars. People who are promoting a positive image of Islam through their creative endeavors. These endeavors could be artistic works, stories, films and any other creative expression.

I don't claim to know how these things work but I have found that the more you think and speak about your goals, the more you seem to gravitate towards them. For example I got onto twitter thanks to the advice of Mark Coker and his marketing guide. He said to subscribe to twitter feeds of writers you like. This way you have a link with them. They typically tweet about their projects, current events and everyday things they may be dealing with.

I was fortunate enough to get onto Saladin Ahmed's feed. and I was paying attention when he mentioned he'd be in NYC for a writer's symposium, along with other Sadi Stars like G. Willow Wilson, the creative genius behind Ms. Marvel.

With MW's blessings I headed out early Sunday morning. I took the train into Manhattan, I had Googled the best route, but due to construction I had to get off and take an alternative route. It has been said that with each adversity there is an equal or greater opportunity. So to in my situation. although the train dropped me off at a far off location. The hike over to the campus was rewarding. I got on my phone and punched up Google maps. With GPS enabled it instantly threw up a little blue dot, which represented my current location. With that it was an easy guesstimate of where I had to be.

Lucky for me my path cut through Morning Side Park. As I made my approach I soon realized that I would need to climb up a massive hill. I must admit the task seemed a bit daunting. I even thought about turning back. But then I asked myself how important are my dreams to me? After all I went all this way to learn how to be a better writer. Was a little hill going to stop me? I really got into the symbology of the moment. Perhaps if I could cross this divide I would have proven my resolve. Proven my commitment to perfecting my craft. Proven that I have what it takes, that I could look myself in the mirror and be proud of the man I saw. Plus there was a staircase and the view was spectacular:

So over and on wards for me. I had reached the campus which was spread out over several city blocks. The MSA had a done a good job updating the website so I knew when and where I had to be. With the help of friendly staff and students I found my way to the designated classroom. Upon entering I grabbed a seat and prepared to be educated. 

At the podium was 
Michael Muhammad Knight, he had taken a question from a recent revert. She was writing her memoirs, as she wanted to share her journey to Islam with others. She struggled with particularly emotional events in her life. She wanted to know how to craft those scenes. Not only did the author offer some helpful insights, I was also happy to see all engaged in lively conversation. I am sure with all the synergy we produced something wonderful is bound to happen. I offered some advice as well about entering your dream space and not averting your eyes. That you have to enter your dreamspace on faith and reach your white hot center and then equally important return from there. Something I learned from Robert Owen Butler and his writing workshop.

The next session was conducted by maestro Saladin. He looked just like his twitter pics would suggest. The attendees were also equally amazing. Every one had a real interest in sci-fi and fantasy. They could hold their own when it came to the Dune prequels versus the Dune sequels. I found them to be thoroughly engaged and thoughtful people. It was a nice change of pace a real joy to be around with. They all had insightful questions for Mr. Ahmad. Some related to his work, The Throne of the Crescent Moon, others related to the writing process in general. For my question I had to tap my center. I talked about my current project how I would be examining the Aryan. The black covering that encompasses an evil doers heart. What atrocities is man capable in this state? Thanks to my training I safely exited my dream space and continued on with the session at the conclusion of which people got their copies of the crescent moon autographed and I got a snazzy pic with Dr. Adoulla himself!

I have always been passionate about stories for us by us. Just flipping through your TV channels on any given night you are bound to come across an angry Arab threatening someones life. That someone is more often than not an American. Thus instilling a paranoid fear of Arabs and by association Muslims. That's why this symposium really resonated with me. The idea is to have more leading roles for characters who happen to follow the religion of Islam. Something that is sorely needed in a society that is shaped heavily by its media.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

You gotta play this game!!!

So our area got hit by another snow storm. The roads were horrible and I was in no mood to venture out. Stuck indoors, what's an enterprising guy to do? Well I have been listening to Kiyosoki audio books. He's the guy behind the rich dad books. He often mentioned his cashflow games as a way to increase your financial vocabulary and hence your financial IQ. I have been meaning to play and the cold weather was just the right excuse. I fired up my browser logged in and started playing. The objective of the game is to exit the rat race and pursue your dreams. To see how I did check out these screen grabs:

Kiyosaki really hit home with his teachings. Too often we blame others the government, our employer, society, family etc. For our troubles. We don't take ownership of our lives. To take ownership is to be 100% responsible for your actions and the actions of others when they effect you. Instead of getting mad, and thinking "that's not fair", get smarter. See how you can circumvent your obstacles and reach your goals.
In Kiyosaki's opinion one of the best ways to do this is to gain your financial freedom. This can be done via an Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business. Being a computer science major I appreciate the mathematics behind how a growing network starts paying you back. You are able to harness what is known as Metcalfe's law. Which is a very simple concept.

When you are on your own, it's just you. One squared is still one. For every ounce of energy you put in the return is one ounce of energy. However suppose you add someone to your network, an industrious business partner. Now its two squared. For your one ounce your getting four ounces of energy. Can you see how this can skyrocket?

I can hear you, your thinking so what? I trust my instincts, listen to my heart, I have faith in God and move with his will. Good. So do I. Anything conceived by the mind of man, must come from a template. Often times that template is provided by nature. It is God's creations that inspire us to imagine to create to invent. Yes even mathematical principles have their grounding in the natural world. The template of exponential growth can be found when we examine the germination of a bamboo shoot. For years it will remain dormant under ground. Showing no signs of activity. But the farmer faithfully weeds, waters and fertilizes the encasing soil. Day after day year after year, after which there is a sudden growth spurt in a matter of months the bamboo seedling shoots up several feet and becomes a leafy tree. Kum faya kum!

Can you be that farmer? For me personally I had reached a glass ceiling my salary had plateaued, but my ambitions had not. I was open to the idea of trying out this type of business. The low start up cost, low overhead and low risk appealed to me. The training and education provided helped me to be more assertive and self confident. Which benefitted me in other areas of my life. Especially work, a direct result of which was a promotion and better pay. What's more you have a profound sense of hope, the excitement of pursuing my dreams, dreams that I had painfully written off, that exhilaration is hard to describe. You have to experience it.

I urge you to be mentored in this manner, experience it for yourself. If you have been reading my blog you know I am a genuine person. Not some anonymous blog bot spewing out words. Trust is hard won and If I haven't' earned yours I respect that. But I dare you to ask yourself what if? What if, I could buy that home I always wanted? What if I could stay home with my wife and kids? What if my dreams came true? Can you imagine how different your life could be?

Isn't that worth fighting for? Me and my team are willing to fight alongside you. Come and join us!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Book Covers!

I am so stoked by my new book covers! They came out better than expected. Funny thing is that they would never have been if I hadn't gone through cokers marketing guide. Here they emphasize the need for professionally done covers. The idea stuck in my mind as I knew I could improve on them. But it wasn't until I stayed up all night watching starship troopers that a new concept for the covers came to frution.

Originally I had concieved of a zombie miner in a space suite holding up the gemcore flag. My drawing skills are moderate at best so I turned to google, image searches of zombie space miner or space marine soon turned up copyrighted images.

So I headed over to wikimedia for some royalty free images. Searches for space in art turned up some spectacular imagery. The producers of which were happy to share with all. So smashed them up in my handy dandy macromedia mx. Choose a color scheme added some titles got mw approval and viola:

Cool nah? I am so fired up, to be doing what I love. To have the courage to go after my dreams. Makes me come alive! What fires you up?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sadi Stars

In keeping with my new found ideals, that is being inclusive and brave enough to share my dreams with others. I came up with the idea of a brand new blog post. The idea was to highlight those artists that embody the founding principles of Sadisoft.

To reiterate, we at Sadisoft are striving to achieve the means by which Muslims can project a better image of themselves. For the most part this projection or voice is through some form of storytelling. Whether its through the various sci-fi stories, written with a prominent Muslim character. Or video games and multimedia that brings that story world to life. The aim is to produce products that fit this ideal.

It pleases my heart to see others who have also embraced this ideal. So many fellow Muslim artists have done so much in this field. They are the true torch bearers and an inspiration as they lead the way. In the past I have highlighted these fine people on this very blog. Names such as Yusuf Islam, Dr Naif Al-Mutawa, Ahmed A. Khan, The Ebady brothers, Mustafa Davis, Guide US TV and others have been featured here.

But in the months since so many more notable contenders have taken stage. Seeing the dizzying array of stories out there I set out to chronicle them in an article I'd like to call Sadi Stars. A Sadi Star is an artist who has produced work that embodies the spirit of sadisoft. That is an artist who has shown their light on the religion of Islam and on the religion's followers in a positive manner. This is such a huge contribution to the ummah, which is constantly being attacked by mainstream media. In that context it becomes ever important for others to see our voice, our side of the story, our take on current events. If only to paint a more balanced picture.

So without further ado let's bring up the Sadi Stars!!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I love being an IBO

Remember how mikey from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would holler "I love being a turtle!" after doing battle with the evil shredder and his foot soldiers? Well I get the same rush when shopping at mega retailers. But not for the reasons you may be thinking. Sure I have their charge card, coupons, plus I buy from the clearance rack, while half the store is on sale. I save a lot and get something I needed. But there seems to be something missing. There is a feeling in the back of my mind. I have just committed myself to paying back the retailer in two months time. Failing which I will be penalized with a hefty interest payment. So who really won?

Often times you have seen me blog about my business. I am constantly praising it for the hope it has given me and MW. The peace of mind it gives us to know we are in control of our future. The future we inhabit can be lovingly crafted by our hands. After all we have to live it, no else will. So why not build a comfortable and fulfilling future?

That's why I buy from myself. I get the same brands that are available at the retailers. With the same deep discounts, but I still get more, like a check at the end of the month. I literally get paid to shop! Who doesn't want that? I can't imagine why people don't get in. Especially since its a low risk business with a 90 day money back gaurantee. Plus a crew of team members willing to serve you and show you the way. How credible and cool is that?

Still not convinced? Well check out these logos which you are paying full price for. Enjoy!

Season greetings to all my readers. I hoped you enjoyed your time with your loved ones. I wish to give you the gift of Financial Freedom. Drop a line in the comment thread and let's connect!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Smash Words Delivers!

I hope you have caught the writing bug as I have. Its wonderful to be able to express yourself in the written word. What's even better is to share that expression with others. Before signing up with Smashwords, I was promoting my work using my own steam. Your own steam takes you only so far. It isn't until you can duplicate your efforts and work with a team that you create real momentum.

Mark Coker the founder of the revolutionary e-publishing website, SmashWords did just that. He had the novel idea of bypassing the gatekeepers and allowing readers and writers to mingle unhinged. I owe a lot to SW for what they have done for my work. I get a kick anytime someone downloads my stories. Its another mind touched by my words. That's a wonderful feeling to have.

To build on that success Mark has served the Indie writers once again, with two free publications. One is a guide on succesfully publishing your books in the electronic form. The other focuses on how to market them once out in the ether. Get them from the author's SW profile from these links:

Marketing Guide

EBook Publishing Success

It's worth the read, these are the latest incarnations of his popular guides. They are packed with all new information, check 'em out. Happy writing!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Adventures in Contacting

If you have been browsing around on the blog you may have noticed that I am an Independent Business Owner (IBO). Part of the fun of being an IBO is that you get to meet all kinds of people. For the most part people are very receptive to the opportunity. The economy isn’t doing so good, even the government won’t hesitate to screw us over. Its no wonder people are hurting and looking for a way out. I found one and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

As noble as that is there is always a burnt sheep. In my book a burnt sheep is a guy or gal who tried “Amway” and found it didn’t “work”. Which is funny as I always wonder what didn’t work them or Amway. Because Amway works just fine its been working for the past 50 years. Its the IBO who has got to turn the crank and make it work for them.

Don’t get me wrong turning the crank takes time, money and energy. I often doubt myself do I have enough of either one of those key ingredients to keep the machine turning? I don’t ever think of quitting, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my dreams if I did. But I do think about slowing down and just play around with the opportunity given to me. That’s when my team steps in:








These pictures don’t do justice to how committed my uplines and their uplines are to the team. They serve with out question. They are real people who really want to help. They have gone through the same self doubts and struggle as you and I have. They use their wisdom and experience to guide down lines. No one does Amway like my team. That’s why we are the fastest growing team in all of Amway.

So if you have tried Amway and it didn’t work. I urge you to contact me and give our team a try. Your dreams are worth it…

Read My Interview!

Hi guys! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I know I did I am thankful to MW and her handiwork in the kitchen! She fixed me up with big 'ol turkey which was fun to munch. At the same time we keep the less fortunate in our prayers.

Let me know how your turkey day went...drop a line in the comment box below. And while you are at it take a gander at my smashword interview. Think of it as a self portrait in words.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

ISNA Chronicles: Naseehat

Another important aspect of the convention was the concept of Naseehat roughly translated it means reminding each other to be pious, faithful and to establish good. This is very important to practice within the confines of the Muslim Brotherhood. When we meet and greet our fellow brothers and sisters of Islam we are automatically reminded of the good deeds we must perform, the kind words we must speak, the ibadats (ritual worship) we must perform. Its the old "company you keep" adage in action.

So how can we receive or give other Naseehat without coming off as pompous? After all it's no fun being knocked off your high horse. For me one technique that I have found especially useful is storytelling. The magic of storytelling is that you can convey a message without appearing to be too preachy. Through the voices of your characters you not only entertain but you can also impart an important message to your readers or audience. What's more storytelling need not be limited to just books. There are a variety of mediums including film and photography. All of which were on full display at the ISNA convention. Here are just a few highlights:

I want to start off with a group of people who share my passion for writing, the Ebady brothers. Hailing from Philly these brothers were truly inspiring. They had a booth at the bustling bazaar where they had stacks of books on sale (I even got a poster!). But these were not just any books, these were self published manuscripts of their spellbinding tale, Warrior Saints If you are into mighty warriors doing battle with evil orcs and saving the day be sure to pick up their books. Me personally I see it as a commentary on the current situation of the Mulsim Ummah. Greedy rulers causing mayhem in the lands just to secure their power. Which is causing divisions amongst the people based on nationalities. Topics eluded to in their stories.
At the convention I had a chance to speak to one of the authors, which was really awesome. Perhaps the biggest thing I took from that conversation, was inspiration. I could see that there were others who shared the dream of sadisoft. Muslims telling their own story, using the best words, the best prose. As Instructed by our religion. What's more I could see myself doing what they did.

Which was nothing short of tremendous. They had completed two episodes within the fanciful realm of Warrior Saints. I too am working towards completing my second novel. Plus they are working on a computer animated movie of their story. Although I am not there yet, I am working on a trailer for my smashword page. From time to time my motivation ebbs and flow. But I know it can be done. I've seen it done. If they can do it, so can I!

The next artist chosed film and photography as his medium of storytelling. I have spoken about his talk to all my friends. I am talking about none other than Mustafa Davis. He began by telling his powerful tale of reversion. We were so moved by how he found Islam in the "Eastern Philisophy" section of the local Barnes and Noble. He had picked up a copy of the Holy Quran and randomly opened a page. He had happened to land on the opening verses of Surah Maryam. As a devout christian his heart became soft and his eyes swelled as he read the passage. He felt closer to Hazrat Isa then ever before. This shows how Allah can guide his worthy servant to the straight path.                                                   

He continued and told us how he had to shun his passions of music and photography as it was deemed "unacceptable" by his new found religion. He told of the time he smashed all of his guitars and how painful that was but he did it anyway so that he may immerse himself in the teachings of Islam with as little distractions as possible. As he began to travel to other Muslim countries he saw that his hosts had photographs up on their walls. This got him thinking were photographs completely banned in Islam? As he researched this question he came to know that there were no absolutes, Islam did allow for photography as long as the subject was an inanimate object. To some this may seem as a drain on creativity. Artist are told to express themselves freely and that nothing is off limits. This often results in obscene or vulgar artwork to be produced. Mustafa found beauty and simplicity in being able to focus only on pure and clean subjects. It was a creative liberation he hadn't felt before.

After the talk I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Davis. I was able to share with him my passion for writing. How it stems from my introspective nature, my desire to understand the world. I told him about the works I have produced and he was very impressed. I mentioned how I am struggling with my latest project, I am adding to the complexity of my characters and want to involve them in romantic relationships. Due to my conservative upbringings my creativity always get sapped by thoughts of  "What will my mother think!". He also has that concern in that how will our community receive his work. Even the Ebady brothers shared that concerned, that's why they never use historical figures in their stories as its too much responsibility to represent them accurately and with enough respect. Mustafa continued and explained that you can explore those topics as long as its tasteful and not obscene. Read Rumi he advised, his works on romantic intrigue are well received by Muslims, till this day.                                                                                                                                                                                      
How uplifting this was! I can take my characters in the direction I want to without having to feeling guilty that I am corrupting the masses. Actually the thing is mainstream media is very accessible (its in our phones for crying out loud!) and it has conditioned us to view romantic relationships only in a lustful context. Which actually cheapens this beautiful relationship. Instead of celebrating it we feel guilty and shun it. Which is a terrible loss, a blow to our human nature! Will be making every effort to break away from that mold.

All in all it was great trip MW and I are looking forward to the next one!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Is it Halal?

So you have been visiting the blog. Reading up on all the cool things that can happen when you go into business for yourself. But you may have some questions. For starters if you adhere to the Islamic faith you may be wondering if this business is Halal (lawful). I am here to tell you that it is indeed halal. But don’t take my word for it. Just take a look at all the Muslims couple who have reached a substantial level in the business.







All of them can be classified as “Practicing”. They appear to be modestly dressed and while presenting themselves they mentioned how they did not have to compromise on their principles in order to do the business. What’s more the education system that is setup to teach and train fledgling IBOs to make it big in the business reaffirm guiding principles that we find in Islam. Principles we may have forgotten but can be reminded of in this business. Principles like integrity, honesty and self discipline.

Its no wonder that when we apply these principles in our lives we can inspire others. An often repeated example in the annals of Islamic history is the spread of Islam in far off regions like Malaysia and Indonesia. This was done through Arab traders coming to their shores with their wares. Offering a fair price and engaging in honest trade. So impressed were the locals that they soon adopted the religion of these visitors. So in essence we see that we are reviving an old tradition of ours. What’s more there is barkath (blessing, bounty) in trade. Our prophet travelled to Syria to trade on behalf of Khatidja.

What’s more there is dignity in being financial free. Just look around the blog. A new header has been put up. The viewer is encouraged to break the shackles of mediocrity. The importance of being financially independent is further enforced by a hadiths proclaiming how the servant of Allah may attain paradise if he doesn’t ask others.

Once again I implore you. If you are struggling financially. Contact me. My team and I can help.

FED Y’all!

So what am I excited about today? Well for one thing my trip to Richmond, Virginia. Me and MW loaded the family car and drove down south. Why would we do that? Well for starters there is nothing like a road trip to get the neurons firing. The autumn tree lined highways were truly inspiring. Driving through  black stretches of dark road with highbeams on gave us the chills. It was all worth it when we reached our destination. After checking in to a hotel we headed down to the city’s coliseum. There we took part in the opening night ceremonies of the one and only Free Enterprise Day (FED)









If you still don’t get the magnitude of the business. Maybe we should turn the lights UP!!!



Each one of these people are registered Independent Business Owners (IBO). They have decided that their dreams are important enough, worthy enough, precious enough that they will fight to attain the vision they have set for themselves. Are your dreams this important to you? I would sincerely hope that they would be. Just like when a fetus is concieved in its mother’s womb and grows and grows while be lovingly nurtured and nourished. So too your dreams are conceived in your mind. Don’t abort them! They deserve to grow and become reality.

I hope what I said inspired you. If you are struggling for something better than a 9-5 and working for a paycheck at a place that doesn’t respect you. Talk to me. We all know how it is. We can help. Let’s get you off wages and onto profit. Just remember there is no cap on profits!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Do you believe in these values?

Are these values that you believe in? Do you yearn for financial freedom? Do you want a better tomorrow for your family? Do you hope your dreams and aspirations come true? Do you want to be rewarded for your efforts?

If any of this resonates with you, then please join us. We share these values as well and want better futures for ourselves and others.

Why not leave a comment and introduce yourself?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ISNA chronicles: Nasheeds

So guess what me and MW were doing over the weekend? We headed out to DC to attend ISNA’s 50th convention. This is an annual tradition observed by the Muslim American Community. It allows us to meet and greet each other strengthening the bonds of brotherhood. Its a chance to hear from our scholars who we may have listened to from afar (read youtube). And of course its a chance to practice some free enterprise. This year the bazaar featured over 500 vendors! (read about the loot we snagged in the next post!)

But that’s not all. Another attraction of the convention is the entertainment program. Now you may be thinking the two can’t go together. But you would be wrong. In actuality there is a lot of potential for entertainment in an Islamic setting. Especially within the realm of Nasheeds or religious hymns. If you are thinking about your grandmom’s nasheeds, don’t! These have been updated for the youth of today with a distinctive sound that is sure to please.

ISNA went all out and attracted some serious star power. The pride of the community was on hand to moderate the festivities. None other than Captain Robau himself Mr. Farhan Tahir! He's appeared in such films as Iron Man and Star Trek (2009) to name a few.
capFar faranTahir2 farVil

I had my camera on hand to record the festivities. Here are some clips for your viewing and listening pleasure!

These clips are not necessarily in order of the performance. Rather I have them arranged them according to what is most important to me. First off is the Rendition of Classic poem in praise of the prophet, known as the The Qasida Burda Sharif. Performed by non other than Maher Zain!

Here is an excellent ode to Mom. We all want to show our Moms proud now that we are all grown up. He even had us hug our Moms once he was done singing!

Here's a song about growing up in America, all can relate to this homage to our country. (Watch as the sign lady tries to keep up!)

Here is an excellent piece from Mo Sabri, it shows how much we Muslims adore Jesus. A fact that many Christians are unaware of. Which unfortunately creates a lot of friction between the two communities. So consider this to be a lube job!

Of course Native Deen were on hand. The crowd went wild when they came on stage. They made an important announcement at the end of their performance. Introducing the first ever 24/7 Online Halal Entertainment Channel, Deen TV!

Also wasn't able to capture ANX's performance but thanks to youtube you can relive his haunting melody here:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Know What He Knows

Why should you know what this man knows?
186For starters he is financially free and lives life on his terms. Can you imagine everyday being a Saturday? What would you do with all that personal time? How much better will you feel knowing you no longer have to answer to a boss who cares only about his bottom-line?

I am following in his footsteps, as I crave that freedom. You must think me crazy to put that much trust in a total stranger. Well, what if I told you he was a senior auditor at a reputable CPA firm. Had his own practice. But now has a sizable income that not only replaces his combined salary but also affords him a better life style. Would you then take a moment to consider what he has to offer?

Leave a note in the comments if you are tired of working on some one else’s dreams and want to go into business for yourself to give your dreams a chance.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Do you want to party like this?

Ask me how you can join in on the fun! Leave a comment!