Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drink this read that

One of the few exports from Karachi that I am proud of, Pakola Ice Cream Soda has been around for along time. I am glad to see the green colored fizzy drink has followed me all the way to New York. I walked into Patel brothers while meeting with my lawyer in Jackson Heights, when I came across this beauty. Amid the din of bollywood songs playing in the background, I knew had to have one.

And while am at it I recommend this book:

I heard about while watching Geo TV. A very popular cable news channel from the motherland. I don't get it at my apartment but I was over at my uncle's house and happened to catch the segment where the author Salman Ahmad (founder of the rock band Junoon) was plugging his new book. The message, bringing the US closer to the Muslim world (which is what I try to do here), appealed to me. I got my copy off of Amazon dot com and I must say I love it. Just the first chapter alone was enough to blow me away. And I can really relate with Salman. He too has been ping-ponging back forth between NY and Pakistan. Trying to fit into American life while conveying his new found Western ideals to his brethren.

Fear mongers will have you believe the current crisis is clash of civilizations, Salman will tell you its only a clash of cultures which can be transcended with an electric riff. Amen brother.

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