Thursday, June 19, 2008

how did it go? part II

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Juarez groaned awake. A mental fog kept him disoriented. It took awhile for him to realize where he was and what he was doing. Memories from the recent battle slowly trickled to the surface. He chastised himself for barely making out of the arena alive. He wondered what the judges thought. Hopefully they wouldn’t penalize him for his sloppy performance. Undoing his armor’s restraints lightened the load, making it easier to get up.

He winced as he placed pressure on his injured leg. But the hardened warrior didn’t mind he was glad to be alive. “I am alive…” he thought “that counts for something.” He dragged himself towards the judgment door. If the judges found him worthy they would unlock the heavyset door and allow him to move forward. Which was something Juarez desperately wanted to do.

Placing his bare palm on the door’s scanner he awaited his fate. After a few harrowing seconds the scan was complete and the door unlocked itself. Juarez was delighted by the results and eagerly stepped through the door.
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