Monday, June 16, 2008

rain clouds cometh

The past couple of weeks were spent battling the heat. The kind of heat that saps your energy, leaves you feeling sticky and uncomfortable morning, noon and night. The kind of heat that scorches your skin if you stay out in the sun too long. Yes the kinda heat that the tropics are famous for. That kinda heat.

Which is why when I woke up this morning and saw dark gray clouds in the sky I was actually happy. A cool breaze swept in from my balcony letting me know that for at least this day the batttle was over. I could relax and go about my business with ease. It'll be nice getting cooled air from the window rather then a stuffy airconditioner. My nephews are visiting maybe I'll take them out for a ride.

When I first moved to Pakistan the rainy season was just starting up. My first instinct told me to find some shelter and stay put until it was over. But the other people would have none of that. They actually got up and started walking around in the rain. I found that to be very strange and told them they could get sick. But they were enjoying themselves too much to care.

Rain is a very rare event in these parts and it something that people cherish. I couldn't wrap my brain around this concept until now. This morning rain clouds have brought on a 180 degree change. It's like you were baking in an oven and someone suddenly turned off the gas. The sudden onset of relief is the very definition of bliss.
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