Sunday, May 25, 2008

How did it go?

Aaah sweet relief, I am glad I am done with my finals. Blog readers may be wondering how they went. Well to answer that question we have to travel to an alternate dimension. In which the elements of the test-taking ordeal are metamorphicly represented. The test taker becomes a futuristic warrior from the future. His knowledge and skills are his weapons. The test is an arena filled with enemies (questions) that must be disposed of with extreme prejudice.

We’ll take the next slipstream to this dimension. That is if you’re willing to come along? No time to think now…slipstream opening…max dilation reached…hold on tight ‘cuz here we go…

Emilio Juarez glanced at the strobing red light. He looked away wondering when the bay doors would open. There was nothing he didn’t like more than waiting for a battle to begin. He ran another systems check to keep himself occupied. Backup ammo clips at the ready, body armor energized, neck seal in place, visor on. His gloved hands expertly hefted the TI-83 a computerized sub machine gun capable of many wonderful feats.

The sirens blared he was given the green light as the bay doors slid aside. Juarez drew his body into a tactical posture and barreled head long into the dark void of the arena. He headed for the first barrier and took up position. Most warriors liked to open fire with indiscriminant fire. His first inclination was to gain situational awareness. He tapped the side of his helmet inundating his visor with a map of the arena. From his precarious shelter he studied the lay of the land.

“Two toughies at one ‘o clock. Medium grades at my 10.” This was not good if he wasn’t careful his opponents could box him in and deny access to the chute, the only way to the next level. While he considered his options he caught sight of something scampering in the darkness. He made a mental note to be on alert and find a new position soon. No sooner had he thought this than a furry creature dashed straight at him. In an instant he was wielding a nightstick, which quickly found its mark. It hit the creature dead center nailing it to ground.

“Freebies you gotta love ‘em” careful not to get too cocky he programmed the TI-83 with a wide dispersal firing solution.

“This should give me enough time to make a dash for the chute,” he thought as he deployed the gun’s tripod and placed it on the barrier’s ledge. His exposed hands drew some fire but he was quick to pull back.

“I am going to miss you buddy,” he said as he pushed the fire-sequencing button. It immediately recognized the programmed instructions and dispensed a torrent of bullets. A medium grade was knocked out but the toughies were quick and took defensive positions. The tripods legs adjusted to compensate sending a volley of high yield bullets in their direction.

In the ensuing commotion Emilio Juarez made a mad dash for the chute. His body armor took some hits when he was out in the open but he didn’t let that stop him. He hugged the rim of the cylindrical opening and dove in. As he fell through a loud concussion told him his trusty weapon was out of commission.

He landed with a thud. A double back roll brought him back to a fighting stance. He didn’t need his embedded map to tell him that this was not good. Laser mesh was strewn across a long hallway leading to a door in the distance. He knew he had to get to the door without getting sliced by the lasers.

He wouldn’t be able to blast his way through this one. He needed a plan. Perhaps he could neutralize the effects of the lasers somehow. He surveyed his inventory of supplies and pulled out the shimmer shield. Once activated the shield would be able to deflect the lasers. However it would draw energy from his suit, gradually depleting his armor. Emilio would have to be quick and run through the laser mesh at top speed. There was a chance that he could run out of energy midway but that was a risk he would have to take.

Once the shield was activated his body was enveloped in a shimmering dome of energy. He didn’t waste any time plunging into the laser mesh. The beams of high-powered light tried to pierce his body but were turned away, shooting off at odd angles. By the time Juarez reached the end of the obstacle his body armor was severely depleted. He switched of the shield saving what little energy he had. Lucky for him he wouldn’t need much protection at this stage; the exit to the arena was at hand.

He eagerly went for the door and tried to open it. That was when he noticed a keypad. He would have to enter the right code to unlock the door. Wall mounted guns suggested that if he didn’t he could be fired upon. With weaken body armor Juarez was not too eager to get shot at. He could very likely sustain injuries or even die.

The warrior took a deep breath and keyed in a sequence of numbers. The guns opened fire. The short burst of gunfire rendered his armor useless. He tried again. The next round of fire found their mark. His Kevlar suit bore the brunt of the bullet’s force however the stinging sensation was extremely painful. He couldn’t keep this up much longer if the bullets managed to get inside his body the game would be over and the arena would have won. He keyed in another sequence again he was reprimanded with a buzzing bullets.

“Think! What could it be?” he drew upon all his training and still could not find the answer. Just at that moment the sirens began to blare. This time they signaled the impending end of the battle. If he didn’t do something right now he would be stuck here forever. That’s when he decided to use brute force. He pulled out a bomb patch and attached it to the doorframe. He stepped back and allowed the explosive to detonate. The ensuing blast cracked open the door. However the guns were notified of the violation and put down a curtain of bullets. Stepping through that was his only chance.

Arching his body he lunged through. The bullets tore into his flesh spilling blood on polished floors. He groaned in agony but kept on going. With the last ounce of strength he battered down the door, disappearing into a flood of white light.

Tune in next week (?), for the exciting conclusion (does he make it?). We now return you to your previously inhabited dimension.
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