Saturday, December 14, 2013

Smash Words Delivers!

I hope you have caught the writing bug as I have. Its wonderful to be able to express yourself in the written word. What's even better is to share that expression with others. Before signing up with Smashwords, I was promoting my work using my own steam. Your own steam takes you only so far. It isn't until you can duplicate your efforts and work with a team that you create real momentum.

Mark Coker the founder of the revolutionary e-publishing website, SmashWords did just that. He had the novel idea of bypassing the gatekeepers and allowing readers and writers to mingle unhinged. I owe a lot to SW for what they have done for my work. I get a kick anytime someone downloads my stories. Its another mind touched by my words. That's a wonderful feeling to have.

To build on that success Mark has served the Indie writers once again, with two free publications. One is a guide on succesfully publishing your books in the electronic form. The other focuses on how to market them once out in the ether. Get them from the author's SW profile from these links:

Marketing Guide

EBook Publishing Success

It's worth the read, these are the latest incarnations of his popular guides. They are packed with all new information, check 'em out. Happy writing!

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