Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I love being an IBO

Remember how mikey from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would holler "I love being a turtle!" after doing battle with the evil shredder and his foot soldiers? Well I get the same rush when shopping at mega retailers. But not for the reasons you may be thinking. Sure I have their charge card, coupons, plus I buy from the clearance rack, while half the store is on sale. I save a lot and get something I needed. But there seems to be something missing. There is a feeling in the back of my mind. I have just committed myself to paying back the retailer in two months time. Failing which I will be penalized with a hefty interest payment. So who really won?

Often times you have seen me blog about my business. I am constantly praising it for the hope it has given me and MW. The peace of mind it gives us to know we are in control of our future. The future we inhabit can be lovingly crafted by our hands. After all we have to live it, no else will. So why not build a comfortable and fulfilling future?

That's why I buy from myself. I get the same brands that are available at the retailers. With the same deep discounts, but I still get more, like a check at the end of the month. I literally get paid to shop! Who doesn't want that? I can't imagine why people don't get in. Especially since its a low risk business with a 90 day money back gaurantee. Plus a crew of team members willing to serve you and show you the way. How credible and cool is that?

Still not convinced? Well check out these logos which you are paying full price for. Enjoy!

Season greetings to all my readers. I hoped you enjoyed your time with your loved ones. I wish to give you the gift of Financial Freedom. Drop a line in the comment thread and let's connect!
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