Saturday, November 30, 2013

Adventures in Contacting

If you have been browsing around on the blog you may have noticed that I am an Independent Business Owner (IBO). Part of the fun of being an IBO is that you get to meet all kinds of people. For the most part people are very receptive to the opportunity. The economy isn’t doing so good, even the government won’t hesitate to screw us over. Its no wonder people are hurting and looking for a way out. I found one and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

As noble as that is there is always a burnt sheep. In my book a burnt sheep is a guy or gal who tried “Amway” and found it didn’t “work”. Which is funny as I always wonder what didn’t work them or Amway. Because Amway works just fine its been working for the past 50 years. Its the IBO who has got to turn the crank and make it work for them.

Don’t get me wrong turning the crank takes time, money and energy. I often doubt myself do I have enough of either one of those key ingredients to keep the machine turning? I don’t ever think of quitting, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my dreams if I did. But I do think about slowing down and just play around with the opportunity given to me. That’s when my team steps in:








These pictures don’t do justice to how committed my uplines and their uplines are to the team. They serve with out question. They are real people who really want to help. They have gone through the same self doubts and struggle as you and I have. They use their wisdom and experience to guide down lines. No one does Amway like my team. That’s why we are the fastest growing team in all of Amway.

So if you have tried Amway and it didn’t work. I urge you to contact me and give our team a try. Your dreams are worth it…

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