Monday, May 30, 2011

Hate Hits Home

Watch this news report:

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Me personally I am not surprised. In the wake of Obama’s daring announcement there had to be yahoos out there who wanted to relive the glory of taking down the “bad guys”. In their warped minds they saw this place of worship as a terrorist training center or whatever else popped into their pea sized brains. Masjids across the country have been vandalized in one shape or another ever since we started building them. Each time law enforcement and the general public have agreed that they are hate crimes and have dealt with them in accordance.

So why bother mentioning this at all? Well for one thing highlighting the menace of Islamophobia. Muslims used to be the ignored minorities but after 9/11 we are the new blacks. Meaning just like the Native Americans, African-Americans, Catholics, Mexican and any other minority group you can think of we to have been singled out for a hazing. The hazing ritual is an exploratory phase in which xenophobic members from the majority find out what the minority group is made of. If said minority group can endure said hazing ritual for several decades, they will then qualify to move onto the next stage of social acceptance. Sitcoms will be made about “those nutty guys”, your prominence will be made known in political circles, you might even become trend setters, heck one of your kind may even become president. But until that day its best you stay put and don’t make us nervous with your foreign ways.

The other reason to mention this particular case is that my sister’s family attends this mosque. My nephew goes to their Islamic School not too far away. This was an attack not only on my religion, my community, my right to freedom of religion but also my family. Now where do we go from here? I can bitch and moan about how unfair this is. Which would be silly as sadists have done far worse to others family. I can rally the troops and give a call to action. But really that’s not my thing I have work in the morning. Or I can just pray for protection and hope Allah mia guides these vandals to good. Yeah. That will work.
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