Thursday, May 26, 2011

Choice content

Don't let money men tell you which companies to "watch". They're only interested in making a quick buck, with no real effort behind it. If you must watch a company, watch it for the right reason. Here is one in particular: Ihsaan Fusion. Run by brothers with some serious talent. They cater to the Muslim communities residing in the Western world, by providing excellent media solutions. Incidentally they are doing this years YM convention, which is how I found out about them.

Check out what they have to offer. Especially the Torch Bearers:Scholars of Islam, which is a very important app that can run on your IPhone. In this day and age we never get a chance to reflect on our rich heritage. What's more we are constantly on the defensive having to justify our beautiful religion to Islamophobes.  I might have to get an IPhone for the baby name app, yes i m hinting at my future father years, if indeed Allah Tallah has written that for me. (Yes, Yes, more on the wedding in the weeks to come)

These guys also do motion, checkout some of the videos they made:

SimplyAct - Blankets of Hope from Ihsaan|Fusion on Vimeo.

I really like how they help out the homeless. I often see them in my neighborhood sleeping out in the open exposed to the elements and wonder what I can do? It's good to see the brothers from the charity helping them out like this. The guys from Fusion really embody what I am trying to do here. A voice for the voiceless a conscience for a spiritually dead world.
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