Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's going on?

Well for starters we have passed the 10,000 hit mark. Thanks you guys, for making it possible! So the corresponding net worth of the blog is now 100 pakistani rupees as indicated by the updated rupee/hit counter. How do you arrive to that conclusion? Well I read somewhere that every 100 hits that you get is like getting a penny. Using the current exchange rate that's like getting one ruppee. Ergo you have your answer.

People really liked the java applet that I put up. According to google analytics it was the most viewed page this past week! Which is awesome. It even garnered a new follower. From the looks of it she's a hardcore WoW player. Which is great since I want to attract as many gamers as I can. Expect more functionality in the applets in the coming months.

The blog now also ties into my linkedin profile. So every time I write a new post it will show up as new entry on my profile. Great way to generate traffic around these here parts, planning to do the same for my facebook profile. A lot going on guys. Lot's more responsibility at work, which is great, free high endurance mental workouts. Plus moving MW's immigration case along is a full time job. So yeah lot's of stuff to juggle. But no worries it build character. Besides I am going to blow off some steam by watching the superbowl, you should to, Go Packers!
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