Sunday, January 30, 2011


DISCLAIMER:  The applet can be tricky to run give it time to load and be sure to use firefox. From what I here the problem is with Alice, they plan on resolving it with the 3.0 release. Apparently it's hard to render a 3D environment in a teeny tiney applet, go figure.

Here's some DE wizardry I cooked up while fiddling with Alice. Revel in the interactive goodness.

I guess java based games always have a thing for penguins. This is no different. Think of this as my "Hello World". Of course people only take notice when you shout it loud from the roof tops. So expect more sophistication in the coming days.

And for the geeks out there who want to know about my thought process, they are welcome to read on after the jump.

Oh good! You're here. So I like to take an evolutionary approach when it comes to development. The plan is to first implement the game in Alice using three or four iterations. This will serve as a kind of formal specification which I can then map to full blown java instead of just a scripting derivative. Of course we can go bigger than that I am thinking OpenGL allowing for a full blown action adventure game. But then I will need to higher people. Which requires capital which requires a business plan. Let's see what we do when we come to that bridge...or something along those lines. Biggest concern for me would be maintaining my intellectual rights. Its my idea dammit! I want what's coming to me...good session man....later.
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