Sunday, January 16, 2011

Escape from the Rock

Nifty title, eh? Just imagine a framed man making a harrowing escape from an evil prison fortress. His only means of escape is a hijacked bi-plane. Don't think the above graphic is just some random image I shagged off of the internet. No sir. It's an original Sadiq lovingly crafted on my Inspiron 1525. This is actually a screen grab of my latest wizardry with the Alice scripting language. I am able to dedicate more time learning the language. The executable lets you actually pilot the plane. However the controls are bit screwy. Not worth the effort to work them out. All this is baby steps to something game.

Would you buy it? I mean if I put it out there (the game that is) would you buy it? That would be awesome if you did. My dream would be to live off of my royalties so that I could quite my day job and immerse myself in my art. If you want me to immerse myself consider donating (check out the paypal button at the bottom of the page). At any rate I am glad you stopped by. Leave a comment, click a link, turn out the lights when your done.
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