Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Good News Train

What with all the bad news you hear these days we could all use some good news. I am doing my part by sharing some good news from my life. (you can live vicariously through me and feel good in the process!)

  • First up some good news from my public and or professional life. If you've been reading my blog you know that I am studying for my PMP exams. Just to let you know that I am not all talk but also walk the walk here is a shiny certificate saying that I am now a member of the PMI. Go ahead revel in its shininess:

  • Some good news for fans of my work I have submitted my stories to be considered for smash word's premium catalog. They responded in the affirmative so now you can find me on you Kindle as well.
  • My driver's license came in the mail a couple of days ago. It now sits in my wallet. It has top billing on the plastic card holder!
  • Saving the best news for last MW successfully passed her immigration interview. Which is awesome! Because we are that much closer to being reunited.  Which is kind of important if you want to conduct a wedding ceremony. I'll have choice pictures from that happy occasion for you guys to oogle over. So be sure to drop by.
Phew that's it for me! Allah be praised for showering his blessings on me. I could impart some more good news but I was asked not to less I jinx myself. So what about you, how has God favored you? Do tell, don't worry you won't be jinxed.

UPDATE: Look what came in the mail!

This was given to me with thanks from the IEEE Computer Society Press. They are publishers of world renowned text books and other computer related material. I was part of the review committee of one of their upcoming publications. I've been sworn to secrecy so I want say anymore. But ain't cool just the same?

And oh yeah January 21 was my birthday so happy birthday to me! None of you guys did anything for my birthday but that's okay because I didn't do anything for your birthday either. But my mama (who I love very much) did do something for me on my big day. She sent me a gift plus a card which I reproduce for you below:

I can only show you the front cover the inside has personal messages from my little sister and mama. But hey this is great. I am nearing 30 and I love where my life is going. Go me!
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