Sunday, November 21, 2010

My new toy...'s one of these:
A Vizio 19 inch LED LCD HDTV (is that enough acronyms for you). I've been TVless for the pass four months. You may recall the beginning of my ordeal in this piece. At first I tried to get it repaired but found it would be cheaper to replace it. But I didn't want to be left with a hunk of useless electronics waste. I tried selling it for parts but no one would bite, they already had to many busted TVs by that company (go figure).

With the holy month of Ramadan approaching I decided it was for the best, no TV meant more time for worshiping. Afterward I turned to the internet to quench my thirst for entertainment. I must admit there is a wide selection out there and people can and have discontinued their cable service because of this. I was contemplating the same until the fall season kicked in. All these new shows, shows that I follow starting up again. I was missing out. Plus the movie on demand feature helped me save on DVDs yet still allow me to view the newest releases.

I was getting desperate I had to get a TV. I was hoping what with my new job I could easily by a $300 TV. But a funny thing happened I realized I had no money for food. So I had to set aside a nice chunk of change for groceries. The second month, which happened to be this month, was a bit more forgiving. One I had enough money for food so I could spend money on wants. What's more the seasonal deals like Black Friday were gearing up. I was advised this would be the best time to buy.

I must admit I was apprehensive about getting knocked down by fellow shoppers in search of a good deal during the mad rush that is Black Friday. But lucky for me stores slashed prices early on. Now was a good time to buy. But there was just this one problem. No car. I didn't want to buy such an expensive thing online. The delivery guy could miss me and leave by my door tempting the neighbors. I didn't want to bring it with me in the train, NYC, muggings, you get the picture. So I had to rely on my family to help me out. I was meeting my relatives for Eid (separate posts in the works) my cousin was going to pick me up so I tipped him off to the fact that I desired a new TV and would love it if he could take me to a Walmart to get one. He agreed.

So that night we made our way to a Walmart close by to his house. Dinner was ready and we had only a half hour before the proverbial dinner gong rang. We made a beeline to the electronics. An entire wall filled with LCD TVs of all sizes and brands. I got the least expensive one had them add on extended warranty. With a final check of my receipt we were out the door. That night when I got home I was so excited I immediately unpacked and hooked up the ultra slim picture maker. I stayed up that night, even though I had work in the morning, taking in all the sights. A smorgasbord of programming I had almost forgotten.

But I don't plan on stopping there. My little lady will be coming over soon (we are very close to the end of the immigration process!) I want her to be happy as possible and if her desi soap operas make her happy then I am inclined to provide those to her. The beauty of living in such a diverse city is that it caters to every whim. Just go to Jackson Heights and pick up a cleverly named electronic device that will do the trick for you. I plan on getting that for her with the gift money (Eidi) I have set aside for her. But before that can happen I wanted to treat my TV right and bought it a nice stand to raise it off of the heat emitting cable box. That way it will last longer and you know...not burn out.
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