Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mosh the Vote

I hoped you voted last Tuesday. I know there are many out there that think it is a waste of time. And that it doesn't make a difference. Or that it doesn't effect them and that the country will continue running without their vote. They may be right on many points. But that does not justify staying home and not voting. They should think what would happen if they did not have the right to vote? Or what would happen if there were no regular elections? Images of despotic third world countries should come to mind. I know my mind conjures up those images. In some cases even if they do have elections an atmosphere of intimidation and fear is created by the opposition. In that situation voting for the wrong party could cost you dearly.

But I would go even further and say that for citizens voting is not only a right it is a privilege. No matter how little, we the common man exert the tiniest bit of leverage over our leaders. Even this much leverage gives us power. The power to have our complaints listened to, the power of deciding where we want to go. This may not seem much compared to the kind of influence wielded by the elite. But imagine not having even this much power. To cower in the shadows, afraid of being pulled over, detained, deported.

I do not plan on cowering. I plan on standing up. Crying bloody hell! If there is an injustice I will call it an injustice. And if the perpetrators push back forcing me to call day, night and night, day then I will also push back with the truth. Fight for the truth and no man derived power on earth can stop you.

Two years ago we elected a presidential candidate on a wave of euphoria. We wanted change and we obtained it. The first black president, son of a Muslim man. Even four years ago that would have seem implausible. But it happened we persevered, we fought the odds and triumphed. What happened to that euphoria? It seems people expected miracles and when they got good governance and not supernatural feats they were disappointed.

Fickle is the word. Fickle expectations, fickle hope. And now the masses are going back into the very arms that screwed them over in the first place. Now I am not naive. I know the democrats are no different than the republicans when it comes to foreign policy. That is something set in stone. Where they do differ is domestic policy. They were doing something for the working class. Answer me this. Why is it okay to bust the budget with illegal wars (that maim and kill people) yet it is not okay to bust the budget with health care reform (something that can help heal people). As with any human endeavor it was not perfect. People should not be so fickle and should not expect miracles from their leaders. They should see them for who they are, men just like them struggling to do some good.

I sincerely hope the current president can go on for a second term. I know I will do my part in ensuring that and I hope you do the same.

I'll disclose my voting record, just so that I can get some of you to comment telling me why I made a bad choice ;) we'll try to be as civil as possible. And even if we do get nasty that doesn't mean we can't have our own election results jamboree...and the winners are (if my candidate won they will appear in green otherwise their red)

Governor: Andrew Cuomo
Senate: Charles E. Schumer (I do not like his track record with respect to "The War on Terror" he's to hawkish and seeks to induce fear to gain more power. I voted for Colia Clark a civil rights activist. That's the kind of person I want in office. That way when they have me step out of line at the airport I know who to write to)
Senate Special Election: Kirsten Gillibrand (She's the female equivalent of chuck schumer and also uses fear to get power. We don't like that, just ask Colbert. I voted for liberal Vivia Morgan instead)
House of Representatives(6th district): Meeks
Attorney General: Eric Schneiderman
Comptroller: Thomas DiNapoli

I don't care much about the position of State Comptroller I voted for the accountant person as that makes the most sense for that kind of work but I don't really care who wins. I voted Cuomo because of his dad and Schneiderman because those two go together. So that's that full disclosure, if you will.

Now for some tunes to chill out. A certain rap star sums up my sentiments on why I vote perfectly.

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