Thursday, November 25, 2010

Follow the white rabbit

The white rabbit was the first character Alice met when she was transported to wonderland. What followed afterward was a wondrous adventure. I like to think I have started my own adventure it even starts off with a white rabbit:

Pretty kewl, eh? I know it's not much. But I made that 8 seconds of animation with my own two hands (did you notice the Colbert reference?). I know I've been dropping hints about working on a video game and that I was going to keep you updated. Well this post goes towards that promise. In my last update I mentioned that I got a programming book for the Alice scripting language. Here's the cover in case you were wondering:

It's been sitting on my shelf since Eid-Ul-Fitr (I know I promised a post about Eid-Al-Adha but it was a typical day, went to prayers, chatted with family on the phone, and then went to dinner at my aunts) but I never got around to opening it and reading it. Mostly because I was catching up with CAPM studies (I fell behind because I had to work on the immigration case, but that's an entirely separate can of worms). Now that I am caught up I can spend some time on it. Last weekend I worked on the first chapter and came up with the above video. I was thinking of making another version of this video with a turkey in it, what with thanksgiving and all but decided against it (too much work).

I have the day off thanks to turkey day, nothing special planned (hey I can cook, but a 3 course meal, you got to be kidding me). I might spend some time with the book, learning new techniques with the scripting language. I hope I learn enough to get my ideas off the ground. I am planning to have more wicked cool content for you in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Here's what I've been working on. Notice how I can make the characters do more sophisticated things. Revel in my genius!

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