Sunday, October 10, 2010

The secret is out

Remember I told you about a secret project I was working on?'s in the previous posts...I mentioned it don't read my suck!

lol! That's my dry sense of humor at work. I've been working all afternoon and now its nighttime. You can probably see the fruits of my labor here and there. The rupee counter has been updated, I got rid of Colbert's medal, i put a post about my stats. The medal had to go because it was too cryptic for people to get. Not good when you want them to find you and fork over their money. That's why you'll notice the sidebar now has a proper image leading to my smashword profile.

So what's so special about my SW profile, you ask. Well it will soon be receiving a new addition. My secret project or should I say unsecret project (har, har har) will be making its debut there (I am #159 on queue). If you can't wait that long you can find a copy on my website. What copy? What queue? Make sense man! Oh that's right I didn't tell you what the project was. Well here is a quote from the site, it says it best:

SadiSoft to the Rescue: When word was put out that original Islamic stories were needed. The creative talent (mainly me) at SadiSoft went into action. After a week of getting up early (can't lose the day job now can we) and hitting the keyboard I give you the fruits of my labor. Read it here, it's my hope that after enjoying it you will do good.

Hope that clears things up. I'll be updating the post when, god willing, smashwords okays my word doc. As always I encourage you to support my efforts. If you are a like minded individual consider making a donation or buying one of my books. Take care for now.

UPDATE: It's up! Go buy a copy.
Smashword Link

UPDATE 2: Well a week has gone by no word from Apex yet, about 20 of you downloaded a sample of AOD all though no one bought a copy...yet. Figured I drum up some support. Plus I don't need much of an excuse to use the jump feature. Something I've been trying to figure out for the longest time.

At any rate after the jump you can see some more gloomy pictures I get of off the interweeb (hey why hire a graphic designer? Besides I don't have the money, this is a one man show for crying out loud!) That I was seriously considering. See what could have been.

For your viewing pleasure I collected some rather interesting bits of art. First off is the actual covered used. Again I got the pic off of the internet and then added my own touch to it using Macromedia Flash, take a gander now:

The following pics were runner ups, selected out of literally hundreds of possibilities:

Feel free to let me know which one you would have picked (if you were me which would be kinda weird) in the comments. Although I would have probably converted the orageny flamey pic to grayscale. Just let you know?
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