Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Seeeee You!

Lurkers! Lurkers! Lurkers, I know you're out there! I can see you with my magical powers, also known as google analytics here's what I dug up:

Apparently I am getting traction in South America, especially Brazil which is awesome. Brazilians are so cool. Some interesting keywords have been sending traffic my way. At number 4 we have people who want to know what hupshi means, it means African in Urdu so there you go. Still at number one we have people inquiring about religious hierarchies in Islam. For the life of me I don't know why that has been the number one keyword for the entire year.

Well if you must know there are no religious hierarchies in Islam. We are all equal in the eyes of the lord it is only our good deeds and piety that sets us apart. Also if you are thinking we have some kind of churchlike setup you're wrong. We only require an Imam to lead prayers and a Muezzin to call the Azan. Other than that we have scholars who study the Quran and Hadiths and offer guidance to the masses. Who you choose to listen to largely depends on your outlook on life and your cultural upbringing. Hope that settles it. Next?

  • Also don't be a stranger decloak and leave a comment, that way i get to know you better.
  • Check out the rupee/hit counter. Keep the hits coming, we are nearing a dollar!
  • Lastly we got a new follower, welcome to the crew take your shoes off and grab a seat!
PS: Can you tell I turned on the "Blogger in draft" feature now I have a richer interface to work with. Who needs fat client software when we are all working the cloud?

UPDATE: I am not kidding about Brazil, revel in the awesomeness:

Oh and while I was digging in the back end I found people were mystified by the blog title. 786 represents bismillah the blessing Muslims say before starting any activity, especially eating. It means "In the name of God" so I hope that clears up the mystery. Also folks help me welcome another follower (i wish blogger would stop using that word makes me feel all weird and prophetic) and I'll be updating the rupee counter soon. Tata for now.

UPDATE 2: Wow a new follower every week? Awesome! Plus a hundred hits per week? teh awesomeness knows no bounds!
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