Sunday, September 26, 2010

The recession is over!

Well at least my personal recession is. That's because I got a job. A better paying job mind you. No more working at my uncle's pharmacy now I get to work at a real life honest to goodness software house. I got the job through personal contacts. job boards and recruiters were pure bunk in this case. plus reading up on trends in the market was also pure bunk because everyone knows about it so everyone is going to capitalize on it leaving you in the lurch.

Now I get to polish my career finally getting a chance to break into the US market. It's the same as moving up from the minor leagues to the major leagues. very exciting i start Monday wish me luck. oh and my linkedin page will be updated accordingly. hey what's a blog if you can't shamelessly promote yourself? on that note i am working on a secret project more word on that as soon as details are available.

UPDATE: You see...i did what i said and i said what i did:

I even added a nifty snapshot of myself. this way there is a face for my profile and viewers will realize that i am an actual person and not just a random profile. i think that's why linkedin has that option in the first place. so this was my first week at my new job. pretty cool really nice people. i am only training right now and hope to be able to provide tech support soon. i could share some juicy office gossip but that would be a breach of trust. you wouldn't want me to breach my employer's trust now would you?...would you?!

UPDATE 2: Whatever I did it seems to be working because not only was I confirmed after my three month probationary period I was also promoted. I am no longer taking calls (something I didn't like very much) I know get to use my education and raw talent to do something I really enjoy. My updated profile tells all:

Click Me!

This is so unlike the time when I worked at company (which shall remain un-named [but they know who they are and should be ashamed of the way they treated me] because I do not want to embarrass them) and got no confirmation after the three month period but they kept egging me on for two more months hoping I would quit. At last they asked for my resignation which I gladly gave.

But that's in the past I am stronger because of that and emotionally I am in a better place. So yeah this is great I even got a bigger desk, which is awesome. Of course this is not my doing all thanks goes to God. We are taught to be thankful for every bit of blessing and favor we receive. And Allah will reward our gratefulness with more of what we showed gratitude for. So yeah very grateful that I landed on my feet after my father's untimely death. Not only that I moved up the economic ladder. From lowly stock boy at my uncle's pharmacy to technical writer for PMS software. And all within a short span of time. which makes this doubly awesome.
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