Monday, March 8, 2010


So get this I had a Sunday to myself. Something that I love to relish. I decided to spend my hard earned time flipping through TV channels (I paid for them and I damn will flip through them). When I happened to come across a smurfs episode. Growing up in the 80's I had a vague recollection of these tiny blue people.

I Didn't know any of their names (only papa smurf he stood out with his beard and red cap). Usually when I revisit an old show from my childhood my child memories clash with my adult memories. Usually the show is too childish to hold any water. I was fearing the worst when I settled in to watch the show. To my suprise I found myself sitting through the whole thing. Some how the fantasy world they created was interesting enough to keep my attention. Plus I really cared about the characters, so I wanted to know what happened next. I am glad that in this instance my younger self's taste in entertainment still held true.
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