Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My High School!

Holy crap! It's a birds eye view of my highschool. I got this picture from a friend on facebook. I didn't recognize it at first but some prominent features stuck out. And then I was like holy crap it's my highschool! I never realized how big it was! This picture is from the 80's I went during the 90's. Lot's of good friends and memories were made here. I mostly hung out with the geeks in the library. Plus I first caught the programming bug when I took my first comp sci courses.

Didn't like gym too much got excused during ramadan "You wouldn't want me fainting now do you". Plus got my self excused from swimming classes "Can't wear shorts!" oh what else we started a Muslim Student Association and skipped out on the prom. All in all we created our own high school experience. If the price we paid was being outcasts so be it.
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