Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ensign Report...

Can you tell I was watching Star Trek last night? It was on SyFy, during commercials they said SGU was coming back in April. I hope they worked on better stories this time around.

Anyways you may notice updates to the sidebar. Our rupee meter feature a shiny 2 rupee coin, to commemorate over 6200 hits! They used to be bills but thanks to devaluation of the currency they had to go. Some new links in the tech biz blog roll, for you perusal. New blogs have all been recommended by the IEEE Computer Society, so you know they're good.

My game development project is coming along nicely. I only get the weekend to work on it, thanks to my day job. I should have screenshots for you when they're ready. So that's about it, leave a comment if you want to. I wont bite, some would say that I am still the same old guy you befriended.

UPDATE: We hit 6300 over the weekend so you guessed it a shiny new 1 rupee coin. which looks a lot like a penny plus it has almost the same value. Talk about working for peanuts!

UPDATE 2: We hit 6400, part of which is just me editing the site, so two shiny 2 rupee coins for your viewing pleasure. This is along the tinker bell principle the more hits the more this site stays alive. Speaking of sites Sadisoft got a boost over the weekend. I bought a nifty new domain name for it click on the logo at the bottom to explore more.

Plus UCF logo had to come down. I can no longer identify with my former online friends our political ideological viewpoints are just to far apart for any kind of reconciliation. The same thing happened in high school but I managed to remain on friendly terms with my acquaintances. In its place is a cool graphic with the shahadath on it. This serves as the first pillar of our faith as Muslims. The graphic has a very borgish feel to it which is appropriate because many westeners find the religion alien and hostile. I am just going with that sentiment to hook them in and show them the reality.

New additions to the community ring, my little sister (what if) takes you on a journey into her inner mind. She loves punk rock and being gloomy her writing reflects that. Plus an old friend from college is a freelance journalist and a blogger check her out at Afrah Jamal. Plus Yusuf Islam is cranking out the tunes once again check out what he is up to at Jamal Records (Political Activism blog roll). And who says Muslims aren't funny Baba Ali has something to say about that, check him out. Peace y'all.

UPDATE 3: We hit 6500, graphic updated in celebration. Hey it's not much but every bit counts. I attribute the last 50 or so hits to my explosive expose and my commenting on FB and other blogs here's to social networking!
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