Friday, February 5, 2010

Life as it happens

I am a huge late night fan. And try to catch letterman, leno, conan whenever I can. Naturally I've been following the whole late night fiasco over at NBC. My verdict is that Leno is acting selfish and should have bowed at. This way he could have salvaged his reputation and been the bigger man. Now he just seems like a jerk, I won't be watching his show when he returns to his old time slot. Go team coco!

One good thing that came out of this is an important life lesson. I think we can all learn from Conan.

touching good bye

I also felt emotional as he said his good bye. A lot has happened in my life and its easy for me to be cynical. But as conando has said you never get what you want out of life but if your kind and not cynical amazing things will happen. Well those are words to live by.

After being fired for the first time from a job. (just six months in btw) I can really relate with Conan and what he had to go through. His mention of a toxic environment that made it uncomfortable to perform in rings true with me. The last few days leading up to my forced resignation were terrible. But again I wish my former co-workers well. Besides when one door closes another opens. This is true in my situation as I got a better paying job which allows me to support myself and my widowed mother. But please let conan tell you what he thinks.

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