Monday, September 21, 2009

To and fro

Well the month of ramadan came and went. I missed one day of fasting and will make it up on the weekend (it's just more convenient that way). I was at my uncle's house where all my relatives gathered for dinner. We all offered a special prayer for my father. I missed him and my wife (we were in constant email and phone contact) on this occasion. Afterwards we watched a football game. (here's how other Muslims celebrated)

Now it's back to work. As some members of the UCF may know I am conducting a job search and looking for work in the IT job market. With the way the economy is it's taking a longer time then usual. I am lucky enough to be offered a job at my uncle's pharmacy I am making enough to make ends meet. However this only temporary I need to run with the wolf pack.

Also a note on commenting...why aren't you guys doing it? The reaction checkboxes are there for you to let me know if what I am saying doesn't rub you the right way. Otherwise you can comment in the normal way.
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