Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Long time, no see

I haven't been hanging around here for awhile. For that matter I haven't been hanging around in cyberspace for that much either. The biggest reason for a sudden drop in writing is laziness and general sense of no creativity. That's thanks to a back breaking job that sucks up most of my time and leaves me feeling like a zombie at the end of the day.

When I am online my time is spent communicating with GF via email. We miss each other a lot and check in once or twice a day. Right now I am working on paperwork to get her processed for immigration. I am using a lawyer that's been a friend of the family for a long time. The other portion of time is spent looking for a job.

NO response as of yet everyone is sitting on there collective hands. The closest I got was a phone interview but that was only because of a close contact. He rejected me because of a lack of experience, which isn't really my fault seeing how I just got out of school. Now I have to rely on strangers to pick me out of a dozen or more strangers for a job interview.

They say not to get discouraged but that's easier said then done. I intend to to get discouraged and already have. For the moment I am resigned to my lowly job as a clerk at my uncle's pharmacy while I look for work online during the weekends. I am living alone which means I am able to make ends meet on my meager salary. What worries me is later on down the road when my expenses increase I'll be needing more than I have right now.

Anyways that's why having faith comes in handy while others would take their lives in dire circumstances I tend go nuts, recover and then figure out what to do.
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