Sunday, September 6, 2009

I have to nail something

So get this me and GF have this like…two year plan right. Part of which entails us getting married, her getting an associate degree and us rendezvousing back home after a splendid wedding reception. Now the funny thing is that the stars are in alignment and it just so happens that we managed to get married. But it was only on paper and before you could say Mr. & Mrs. I whisked myself away from her loving embrace to go find work for myself.

Me being the son of immigrants that means I had to return to New York and try my luck with the job market. So far it’s being going good I only get rejected once a week. I’ve been telling people that I am on my own for the first time in my life. Of course the gravity of the situation never hit me until my father passed away. Now what? My dad has always been there for me always telling me what to do, what not to do and what I should have done or heaping blame on me for things he shouldn’t have done.

“God damn it why did you pull the circuit before turning off the power? Now look what you made me do to the wiring.” God bless his soul we had such good times together now all of sudden he’s gone. But I am so used to having a father who can I introduce to others as my father? Maybe a poster of Dr. Phil with big block letters saying “READ” will do it?

At any rate the gravity of my situation has finally hit me…I have become one of those…err…how you say “responsible adults”. I am responsible for myself and have to answer to myself. Usually myself doesn’t care much about what I do “Pulled the circuit before turning off the power, aye? Right on!”. Which is why I am so glad I check in with my wife every now and then “Pulled the circuit before turning off the power, aye?...What’s @#$@# wrong with you? Do you know what that does to the @#%@# wiring...@#@#(@!”

Now how am I going to introduce my mother and my sisters? Hmmm I’ll figure it out I still have a year left.
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