Friday, August 8, 2008

new routine

Good news to report I've completed all required courses at my college and now I only have my thesis left. This is great as I can do that on my own time. This gives me the freedom to get a real job that pays well (getting published just wasn't working out). That money will go towards the "get saqib his own car" fund. Then I can contribute to the energy crisis by adding another gas guzzling machine to the road! yay.

My bodies been adjusting to a new routine I set up for myself. I get up at six get ready for the day (which includes exercising, showering, breakfast). If I have a job interview later in the day I prepare for that. Otherwise I work on my thesis for about an hour. I have a feeling I'll have to ramp up the hours on that as the deadline draws closer. Luckily I already did most of the background work during the summer semester. Then its off to bed by 11.

This works out great for me. I noticed that I am much more alert and can get more work done this way. Which will come in handy when I finally land a job. Which I hope will be sooner rather than later.
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