Saturday, August 9, 2008

spooky stuff

I once scared myself silly by walking into my bathroom in the dark. I was half asleep and wasn't expecting to see the outline of another person standing by the sink. My half concious brain was startled awake, it was still deciding to "flight or fight" when I realized I was looking into the mirror. After that I felt stupid and was reminded of the bloody mary dares we did as kids.

I thought nothing of it until I saw an ad for a new movie. It turns out other people are scared of mirrors to. Enough to inspire a feature length film. Of course my encounter was nothing like the scary scenes in this movie. Now that I think about mirrors have played a centeral role in a lot of scary stories. I remember this one film where a woman walks past her hallway mirror and sees herself as this scary old hag. It freaks her out and she covers up the mirror. One day a burglar breaks into her house and tries to manhandle her. They struggle and the cover falls off. The scary old hag is revealed which scares the burglar so much that he falls off the balcony and dies. Since that day the hag never returns...too doo doo doo doooo

Also Constantine traps demons from other worlds in mirrors. So yeah staring at your own reflection can get a bit freaky. My advise knock it off. Have someone else tell you where to stick that toothbrush.
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