Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Assingment #217

Karen wants to know some good and bad career advice that we recieved while working.

Some good career advice that I got was from my manager. He told me that it is always good to help out at work. But you gotta keep your nose clean. Be sure to finish your work first before you help some else. Otherwise people begin to tie you up with favors that get in the way of the work you are personally responsible for. This way you stay out of trouble and you're able to help out your co-workers.

Some bad career advice I got came from a friend. He told me to ditch the whole information technology field and consider trading commodities. I told him I could track your inventory for you but I am not going to become a trader. It's always good to stick with stuff you know. After all the reason you're getting paid is because no one else could do it.
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