Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend Assingment #211

Karen wants to know what color thumbs we have. To be honest it took some time to wrap my mind around what she was actually asking. Luckily the green thumb photo took care of that. So what color is my thumb? I would have to say that it is chrome plated because I am a bit of a metal head and have no gardening skills. I found plants to be...ehm...boring. (Yes I realize that now I am a marked man and will be hunted down by the horticulturist society. I'll have to hide behind a force field until things die down.) The thing is I don't have the patience to tend to a vegtable that will just such sit there and do nothing...nothing! At the very most it will tilt itself to get more sunlight. I could do that in my sleep!

That's not to say I don't appreciate plant life. I like lettuce on my burgers, the venus flytrap is cool, flowers are pretty and some pointy leave plants can trip you out (not that I know anything about that :)

My dear Mother on the other hand loves planting flowers. In fact our household garden is all due to her. I just admire it from a distance while it blossoms under her watchful supervision. Tell me how well she did:

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