Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A month of Sci-fi, wrapup

I started reviewing a bunch of DVDs that I got and watched over a one month period. I first mentioned them here. I finished all of them but never got around to reviewing them. So here goes:

REVIEW 4: Beowulf didn't come with a rating and I was surprised by how vulgar some of the scenes were. I assumed that since it was a computer animated film it will play nice (think pixar movies). But I was sadly mistaken. Right away I was greeted with lewd scenes, when the first bodies were ripped apart for their blood I figured the rating wouldn't be G. Aside from that it was a pretty good story it certainly has stood the test of time.

BONUS REVIEW: Apparently the stars were in alignment and I was able to catch a sci-fi movie on cable. This was with Christian Bale in Equilibrium. It's your typical story of a repressive society in the future that tries to rid human ills by changing human nature. In this case they take away emotions so that no one will hate and there wouldn't be anymore wars. Of course the negative impact of this is that there isn't any concept of love and society suffers because of that. My mom watched this movie with me and even though she doesn't like science fiction she liked the message this story gave. I would have to agree.
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