Wednesday, April 16, 2008

nostalgic gaming systems

John is cleaning out his closet because he had to let plumbers access his pipes (yes that does sound wierd). He pulled out a whole mess of stuff, you can find out about it on his blog. What I found most interesting was how he his kept vintage gaming systems. I was pointing to the screen saying me too! me too! I also partake in such foolishness. Of course the gaming machine of my youth isn't as old as an Atari (sorry John). But it does earn vintage points.

I am talking about my Sega Saturn. It all started in the 8th grade. My parents promised me a gaming system for the simple reason that all my other friends had one. So naturally by law I had to have one too. I didn't do any research before buying the Sega Saturn after all I wasn't spending my money. As soon as Toy 'R Us put up the first display model I knew I had to have one. They had another gaming system next to it something by the name of Playstation. But I didn't like the control or the color or even its name. Yes even back then I was a book worm and derived pleasure from words.

So Sega Saturn it was. I brought home the machine and was hooked instantly. I was feeling pretty good about my purchase when I learned that retailers were dropping prices. That's when I got a bit concerned. It wasn't until others started picking on me for buying crappy machine that I realized my folly. Of course when Sony took over the gaming market Sega had to bail out. It had to cut its losses and practically was giving away games for the Saturn. I made out like a bandit during that time. And scooped up as many titles as I could.

A few years later my family decided to move. I could have sold it to funcoland but didn't have the heart (it still looks cooler than the PS). So I packed it up and took it with me. Even though it stopped working a while back I still keep it with me tucked away in the back of my closet. It has tremendous sentimental value for me I must have spent hours playing command and conquer on it, racing through daytona beach, or blasting baddies from outer space.
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