Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Me and My Nissan

I used to have a gray colored Nissan Sentra. It was a bit old but man could that thing scoot. There was a stretch of road that wound its way through a wooded area. Me and my friends would take it there and race along its curving sides. Lucky for us there was barely any traffic at night so we could race with impunity. The road would end at a railroad crossing normally you would slow down but not us that’s when we would take her beyond 60. Once the wheels hit the ramp you would be airborne at the apex you would literally be flying. Then the nose would nudge downwards and begin the descent, foot of the accelerator, brace for impact. A Jarring jolt told you that you landed, thank god for seatbelts slow down up ahead is a red light. No cop car tonight, scurry home now, less you push your luck.

Another thing I liked to do was take it to my high school. I would come around back windows up downshift to second gear floor it. Tires squealing race across the parking lot. Punks hanging out after school look on in amazement. Like an avenging angel I speed by engine roaring tires burning. A swift turn takes me behind the dumpsters and I am out of sight. Who was that guy? I knew the answer it was me and my Nissan.
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