Thursday, February 7, 2008

Osama wants you for holy war

Morgan Spurlock has a new film out. This guy is an independent filmmaker and has made numerous “muckraking” films. In his latest endeavor he tries to find out why young Muslim men listen to anti-American rhetoric. I can help him answer that question very simply, they don't like being shot at! The more complex answer has to do with US foreign policy in the Middle East. When they see Israelis gunning down innocent men, women and children they feel the natural pain and anguish that comes from seeing a family member die. And then when they find out that America is paying for the bombs and bullets being dispensed into the hearts and minds of their brethren they go nuts.

Islam has taught Muslims to view all other members of the faith as brothers and sisters. So no matter if you’re killing an Iraqi, Afghani, Palestinian, Kashmiri, Chechnyan; your killing a fellow family member and that just sucks.

If a non-Muslim does not know this, then I can understand why he or she will wonder why anti-American rhetoric is so popular amongst Muslims. If I were to turn the tables and ponder a similar question, I would like to know why mercenaries hired by a private security company (read, Blackwater) enjoy killing children and taking pot shots at civilians. What drives them to do something so insane and vicious? Are they getting the same brainwashing sessions that US soldiers are getting? Which basically teaches them to hate all Muslims and view them as some kind of sub-species not worthy of the air they breathe. Can’t believe that beloved drill sergeants are teaching grunts this message? Well you should talk to soldiers who had the foresight to leave the US army to get the real scoop.

Rant over return to your homes.
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