Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Assignment #200

As Karen mentioned in her blog this will be the 200th weekend assingment. This is a cause for celebration:

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It certainly is a milestone, speaking of which my stationary bike passed the 2800 mile mark this morning. That's a lot of miles traveled on a clunker that's been around the house for the past fifteen years! I wonder when I'll manage 3000 miles, of course I won't be reaching Graceland any time soon.

This week's assingment is:

Weekend Assignment #200: You've recently become friends with someone who unexpectedly reveals that he or she has a time machine, all tested out and ready for adventures. Your friend offers you one round trip to anywhere, anywhen, backwards or forwards in time. What's your destination? Or would you rather just stay home?

Extra Credit: The first trip is so wildly successful that your friend offers you one more trip, this time in the opposite direction. When are you going this time?

For my first trip I would want to travel into the past. But I probably wouldn't, due to concerns about contaminating the timeline. You know how if you alter even a minute detail it starts to have a greater and greater effect as time passes on. There are numerous examples of this phenomenon occuring in Science Fiction. One example that comes to mind is Michael Crichton's Timeline, in which time travellers change the course of European History.

People think it'll be really cool to travel in to the future. But under the present world situation it doesn't seem that our future will be too pleasant. At the current rate we are going there will be a World War sooner or later. With the world plunged into a global "war on terror" we are too busy killing each other to focus on loftier goals like Research. You can argue that we are making progress in the area of science and technology but with our resources diverted towards fighting each other, we aren't making progress at the rate we should be. So it going to take a while for interstellar space crafts, holodecks and warp cores to come into effect

I'll just tell my friend to pack up the thing and leave well enough alone.
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