Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend Assignment #198

This week’s assignment is:

What is your favorite thing about winter? Whether you love this time of year, hate it or merely endure it, you should be able to find something good to say about the season. What is it?

Extra credit: What do you hate most about winter?

Interestingly enough I had something to say about winter on a previous post. It compared winter in two port cities that I had a chance to live in. But it only answers the question of what I hate about winter. So I’ll give a similar comparison about what I like about winter in each city, here goes:

My favorite thing about winter in New York is a freshly laid blanket of snow. It really is a site to behold when your entire neighborhood is covered with mounds of white. But if you look too hard the sunlight reflected back by the pristine surface can make you wince.

My favorite thing about winter in Karachi is free air conditioning. People tend to remain indoors during a hot summer afternoon, because the heat can get intense in the tropics. But during the winters the weather is cool and you can venture out in your sandals with out worrying about the heat, which is great. But then again, I guess the Iraqis have a unique take on the matter.
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