Saturday, January 5, 2008

New York weather V. Karachi weather

I remember winters in New York. We would seal up the windows and turn on the heat. Of course you still had to bundle up when indoors. Well-placed electric heaters gave you an extra degree of comfort, leaving you feeling toasty.

Winters in Karachi are a different matter all together. The houses over here are designed for warm weather and get rid of as much warmth as possible. That’s a blessing during the summers but come winter that feature leaves you feeling miserable. Sure you can bundle up but you’ll always feel nippy.

Then again the houses in the northeast aren’t exactly made for warm weather. Even when you crack open all the windows and set up fans all over the place you’ll still feel like you’re stuffed in a steaming sauna.

This is just one of the many treatises that I have in stored for you, the “I Don’t Know" Reader. These treatises will be equally critical of my adopted homeland (America) and my ancestral homeland (Pakistan). Which leads me to believe no place on earth is perfect and if you really want peace you’ll have to die and go to heaven. What do you think?
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