Sunday, January 6, 2008

The luscious orange

I tore into an orange and soon consumed all of its citrussy goodness. Feeling infused with vitamin C, I got up to throw out its hollow remains. On the way to the garbage pail a seed slipped away from me and landed on the kitchen floor. Thinking nothing of it I dumped what I had in my hands and then went to pick up the glistening seed.

My fingers assumed the pinching position and lowered themselves to ground level. As I grasped the oval shape between my fingertips the demonic thing immediately shot out from between my flabbergasted digits. I attempted the maneuver again but it was no use the damn thing wouldn’t comply. I racked my brain devising a scheme by which I could lift the fruity germ and place it in the duly designated waste receptacle. Eyeing a spoon I cunningly crept up behind the evil fiend.

It almost seemed like the bulbous pit was mocking me, “Ha you’ll never get me!” With a sudden motion the spoon swooped down scooping up the seed in a single flash of stainless steel. Not believing my luck I quickly dumped the seed into the garbage pail, banishing the slippery fiend to the stinking bowels of the pail. That day I held my head up high for I had conquered the luscious orange seed.

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