Thursday, January 24, 2008

The importance of childhood

You know I never gave it much thought but a good childhood is very important. Sure you hear about it all the time, how a child growing up in a bad environment becomes a bad adult. Also the act of playing helps a child to adjust to changing situations and relate to other individuals.

I never understood the significance of this until I moved to Pakistan and started interacting with the people. Sure we share a common heritage and a common religion, which is important, but it doesn’t seem enough. Often times I feel like joking around but no one understands my brand of humor because its based on a childhood spent in America.

In an office environment this can become an issue. Everyone is busy working and we mostly interact when we need to discuss work related issues. That isn’t a problem for me because we will most likely being talking about computer hardware or software. But there are times when we want to kick back and fool around. That’s when they bring out rapid-fire Urdu cannons. I can’t comprehend Urdu so well when it’s spoken quickly and is froth with slang. My co-workers expect me to respond to the jokes but I can’t so they think I am cold and only like to work. Obviously this isn’t the case and I explain to them my predicament. They understand but by that time the lunch break is over and I have missed out on crucial bonding experience.
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