Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Three Hundred Sixty Degrees

My older sister recently visited us at our parent’s house. She’s married and brought along her husband and her two little boys one is an infant and the other is two years old. After a light snack the grown ups settled down to watch the evening news, the TV began displaying images from Baghdad. A recent spike in violence brought death and destruction to this once proud capital.

As I watched burning buildings and wailing moms on TV my glance fell upon my nephew. Oblivious to the cares of the world he happily played with his toy cars. A quarter century ago I too was in his place, sheltered by my parents I spent my days playing and growing. Back then a major hotspot in the Arab world was Beirut. I vaguely recall graphic images of limbless boys and girls. It’s really unfortunate that even after all these years this part of the world has not seen peace. As a new generation emerges our inactions have sentenced them to lives spent living in a troubled world. Will we ever see peace? God only knows.
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