Sunday, January 20, 2008

Governmental headaches in America V. Governmental headaches in Pakistan

Let’s just make one-thing clear, humans who have flaws just like everybody else run governments. Therefore no government can be expected to be perfect.

If we look at the overall performance of the American government it is safe to say that they have provided for their citizens. This is not to say that it hasn’t gleefully screwed them whenever it got a chance (I’ll have more on this later). But major successes such as NASA putting a man on the moon, DARPA enabling the Internet and the collapse of the Soviet Union, has permanently entrenched into the minds of people that America is invisible.

This global feeling has done wonders for the American ego, which is very proud of its country. This is evident from how Hollywood portrays American cities (LA is cool, Miami is fun), landscapes (amber waves of grain) and organizations (the CIA will hunt you down). These images broadcasted the world over further heighten the perception foreigners have of the country’s invincibility.

The Pakistani government had a great start under the sound leadership of the country’s founding father, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. But it was soon entangled in the games being played by the super powers of the time. Unemployment, poverty and corruption soon took hold. Citizens were not getting justice and became bitter. Negativity soon seeped into the mindset of the people; we can’t do anything so why bother. Since no one could muster up enough enthusiasm for their country Pakistan never got to be portrayed in a positive manner.

Granted the Pakistani government has done very little for its people but all hope isn’t lost. There are many wonderful Individuals who have set up organizations that are helping to enable the society. These organizations provide vital services such as health care and education. It used to be that, citizens with a college education long to go abroad for better opportunities. This sentiment has declined post 9/11, thanks in part to stringent US policies. Also many expatriates have invested in Pakistan, which have yielded businesses that are providing challenging jobs to graduates.

The point being that Pakistan has survived thanks to the grace of the Almighty.
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