Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The best posts of Jan ‘08

This is a new tradition that I am starting at I Don’t Know. At the end of each month I’ll put together a list of posts that I find to be the best for that month. I’ll give you a link to that post plus a brief description of why I think it is the best. Once you evaluate the posts indicate which one you liked the best by commenting to this post. The entry with the highest votes will be short listed for a competition we will hold at the end of the year where you’ll get to vote on the best post of the year! Here goes…

Jan 6, 2008:
The luscious orange
I like this post because it is so descriptive and is a good example of how I write when I let my imagination run wild.

Jan 11, 2008:
The mighty if statement
The psuedocode that I created for the combat mech’s rule base was fun to write. I like how I structured the if statements and how each case logically progresses the actions of the fighting machine.

Jan 17, 2008:
Let’s pick on Microsoft
When I write with authority about computers I know that I have arrived in my chosen field. This certainly gives me an ego boost because I know that I can hold my own against the best of them.

Jan 18, 2008:
Scaring children in America V. Scaring children in Pakistan
I like this post because the picture of the red jinn looks awesome against the black background!

Jan 23, 2008:
Three Hundred Sixty Degrees
I like how I set a mournful tone in this piece. This is an example of my writing when I am brooding and feel pensive. Plus it highlights an important issue that needs to be addressed.

Let the voting begin!!!
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