Saturday, February 1, 2014

You gotta play this game!!!

So our area got hit by another snow storm. The roads were horrible and I was in no mood to venture out. Stuck indoors, what's an enterprising guy to do? Well I have been listening to Kiyosoki audio books. He's the guy behind the rich dad books. He often mentioned his cashflow games as a way to increase your financial vocabulary and hence your financial IQ. I have been meaning to play and the cold weather was just the right excuse. I fired up my browser logged in and started playing. The objective of the game is to exit the rat race and pursue your dreams. To see how I did check out these screen grabs:

Kiyosaki really hit home with his teachings. Too often we blame others the government, our employer, society, family etc. For our troubles. We don't take ownership of our lives. To take ownership is to be 100% responsible for your actions and the actions of others when they effect you. Instead of getting mad, and thinking "that's not fair", get smarter. See how you can circumvent your obstacles and reach your goals.
In Kiyosaki's opinion one of the best ways to do this is to gain your financial freedom. This can be done via an Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business. Being a computer science major I appreciate the mathematics behind how a growing network starts paying you back. You are able to harness what is known as Metcalfe's law. Which is a very simple concept.

When you are on your own, it's just you. One squared is still one. For every ounce of energy you put in the return is one ounce of energy. However suppose you add someone to your network, an industrious business partner. Now its two squared. For your one ounce your getting four ounces of energy. Can you see how this can skyrocket?

I can hear you, your thinking so what? I trust my instincts, listen to my heart, I have faith in God and move with his will. Good. So do I. Anything conceived by the mind of man, must come from a template. Often times that template is provided by nature. It is God's creations that inspire us to imagine to create to invent. Yes even mathematical principles have their grounding in the natural world. The template of exponential growth can be found when we examine the germination of a bamboo shoot. For years it will remain dormant under ground. Showing no signs of activity. But the farmer faithfully weeds, waters and fertilizes the encasing soil. Day after day year after year, after which there is a sudden growth spurt in a matter of months the bamboo seedling shoots up several feet and becomes a leafy tree. Kum faya kum!

Can you be that farmer? For me personally I had reached a glass ceiling my salary had plateaued, but my ambitions had not. I was open to the idea of trying out this type of business. The low start up cost, low overhead and low risk appealed to me. The training and education provided helped me to be more assertive and self confident. Which benefitted me in other areas of my life. Especially work, a direct result of which was a promotion and better pay. What's more you have a profound sense of hope, the excitement of pursuing my dreams, dreams that I had painfully written off, that exhilaration is hard to describe. You have to experience it.

I urge you to be mentored in this manner, experience it for yourself. If you have been reading my blog you know I am a genuine person. Not some anonymous blog bot spewing out words. Trust is hard won and If I haven't' earned yours I respect that. But I dare you to ask yourself what if? What if, I could buy that home I always wanted? What if I could stay home with my wife and kids? What if my dreams came true? Can you imagine how different your life could be?

Isn't that worth fighting for? Me and my team are willing to fight alongside you. Come and join us!
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