Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Book Covers!

I am so stoked by my new book covers! They came out better than expected. Funny thing is that they would never have been if I hadn't gone through cokers marketing guide. Here they emphasize the need for professionally done covers. The idea stuck in my mind as I knew I could improve on them. But it wasn't until I stayed up all night watching starship troopers that a new concept for the covers came to frution.

Originally I had concieved of a zombie miner in a space suite holding up the gemcore flag. My drawing skills are moderate at best so I turned to google, image searches of zombie space miner or space marine soon turned up copyrighted images.

So I headed over to wikimedia for some royalty free images. Searches for space in art turned up some spectacular imagery. The producers of which were happy to share with all. So smashed them up in my handy dandy macromedia mx. Choose a color scheme added some titles got mw approval and viola:

Cool nah? I am so fired up, to be doing what I love. To have the courage to go after my dreams. Makes me come alive! What fires you up?
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