Sunday, September 8, 2013

Know What He Knows

Why should you know what this man knows?
186For starters he is financially free and lives life on his terms. Can you imagine everyday being a Saturday? What would you do with all that personal time? How much better will you feel knowing you no longer have to answer to a boss who cares only about his bottom-line?

I am following in his footsteps, as I crave that freedom. You must think me crazy to put that much trust in a total stranger. Well, what if I told you he was a senior auditor at a reputable CPA firm. Had his own practice. But now has a sizable income that not only replaces his combined salary but also affords him a better life style. Would you then take a moment to consider what he has to offer?

Leave a note in the comments if you are tired of working on some one else’s dreams and want to go into business for yourself to give your dreams a chance.
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