Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ISNA chronicles: Nasheeds

So guess what me and MW were doing over the weekend? We headed out to DC to attend ISNA’s 50th convention. This is an annual tradition observed by the Muslim American Community. It allows us to meet and greet each other strengthening the bonds of brotherhood. Its a chance to hear from our scholars who we may have listened to from afar (read youtube). And of course its a chance to practice some free enterprise. This year the bazaar featured over 500 vendors! (read about the loot we snagged in the next post!)

But that’s not all. Another attraction of the convention is the entertainment program. Now you may be thinking the two can’t go together. But you would be wrong. In actuality there is a lot of potential for entertainment in an Islamic setting. Especially within the realm of Nasheeds or religious hymns. If you are thinking about your grandmom’s nasheeds, don’t! These have been updated for the youth of today with a distinctive sound that is sure to please.

ISNA went all out and attracted some serious star power. The pride of the community was on hand to moderate the festivities. None other than Captain Robau himself Mr. Farhan Tahir! He's appeared in such films as Iron Man and Star Trek (2009) to name a few.
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I had my camera on hand to record the festivities. Here are some clips for your viewing and listening pleasure!

These clips are not necessarily in order of the performance. Rather I have them arranged them according to what is most important to me. First off is the Rendition of Classic poem in praise of the prophet, known as the The Qasida Burda Sharif. Performed by non other than Maher Zain!

Here is an excellent ode to Mom. We all want to show our Moms proud now that we are all grown up. He even had us hug our Moms once he was done singing!

Here's a song about growing up in America, all can relate to this homage to our country. (Watch as the sign lady tries to keep up!)

Here is an excellent piece from Mo Sabri, it shows how much we Muslims adore Jesus. A fact that many Christians are unaware of. Which unfortunately creates a lot of friction between the two communities. So consider this to be a lube job!

Of course Native Deen were on hand. The crowd went wild when they came on stage. They made an important announcement at the end of their performance. Introducing the first ever 24/7 Online Halal Entertainment Channel, Deen TV!

Also wasn't able to capture ANX's performance but thanks to youtube you can relive his haunting melody here:

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